What is a CONCEPT project?

This is a ready-made design project for people who don’t have time to develop an individual project, but have the desire and strength to complete it by themselves.

« Like any artist or creative person, I like to create something for myself, not according to any Technical Specifications, but to experiment and to look for new forms. In this way a lot of interior concepts have been created, but have not been realized, remaining only as 3D renders. I’ve decided to give life to these projects for appreciative clients. So, the first concept was designed in three colors. We worked out all the details: the technical decisions, the finishes, furniture choices and lights, all matching in style, proportion and color. Everyone can choose their preferred color scheme and all that remains is to decorate a new space.»


Jenya Lykasova

CONCEPTproject №1

The first CONCEPT project was developed in three color schemes.




Benefits of the CONCEPT project:

  • The price of such projects are significantly lower than individually developed projects.
  • You get an interior that has been carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, including detailed project documentation.
  • There is a choice of 3(4) color schemes, so you can choose the one that fits you best.
  • You will save a lot of time and energy because everything has already been designed and packaged for you; We will just need a little time to complete drawings and you’ll know immediately the estimate.
  • The project will be implemented exactly as it looks in the 3D render, since we noted every detail of the project (positions, part numbers, finishes). You won’t have to wonder whether or not the color scheme or furniture will match, as it’ll look exactly like the 3D render. In addition, our suppliers will be more than happy to complete the project at a favorable price.
  • Despite the fact that there is only one concept project template, each person fills it in differently. In particular, the décor: paintings, mirrors, vases, etc. In this way you can make your own interior unique.
  • You can implement the project at a comfortable speed for you (two months or a few years), since we transmit the whole project to you with the specifications and addresses of our suppliers.
  • You’ll immediately see the estimate for the entire project and can begin to plan your budget.


What does the project include?

We already have the 3D renders. They show the combination of colors, shapes and proportions.

Consequently, we start with a planning solution for your apartment or house.

The project can be implemented in any space: both in a large five bedroom apartment or in a studio apartment.

Then we will prepare all the necessary drawings for the construction workers.

All specifications are ready for use: furniture, lights and decorations are selected.

It remains only to recalculate the area and the number of elements for your project. And you will immediately see the final budget for the entire project.

If you are interested, write to us and we will be happy to meet with you in our office to discuss the details.